The Reason Why I FUCK With Big K.R.I.T….

The fact to remain is, this guy is humble through all the bullshit people try to throw at em for real. People say his music is boring, people say he not flashy, he not commerical…that’s the problem with “Hip-Hop” listeners nowadays…they rather for you to talk about shit they can’t obtain, hoes, cars, and all the shit that DON’T matter. It doesn’t matter how much your album sell, it’s the art of what you created that is powerful, and people forget about that. And to actually get to see him perform for the first time Wednesday, it made meĀ appreciateĀ his music even more, because of heart and energy he puts in every show…I’m just glad I caught wind of Krizzle before everybody else because maybe..just maybe…I would be shallow to ears like the rest of the world….and I will 4eva be K4L mane….

19 09.21.12
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